Tips For Hiring a Manager For Your Restaurant in India

Tips For Hiring a Manager For Your Restaurant in India

Tips For Hiring a Manager For Your Restaurant in India:

A manager in your restaurant must have a wide variety of skills and flexibility to run daily operations in your business. He will be the one managing your day to day operations in the restaurant in your absence. And if you have a chain of restaurants, then you can hardly be physically present at each outlet all the time. In such situations, all you can do is rely on your restaurant manager who will be responsible for the profits you expect.

Restaurant Manager in  India

Your manager will be the backbone of your restaurant and you can’t be careless in hiring process of the manager.

These are the top 5 Qualities your Restaurant Manager must possess:

1. Quick Decision-Making Ability And Presence of Mind

A restaurant manager should be someone who will be able to take a prompt decision in times of crisis. Crisis management should be his primary motive. In a restaurant business, every day is a new challenge, every day you serve new and different types of customers.
A customer might not be happy with either the food served or the service of the servers and the manager is called upon. The manager should understand that letting the customer leave with a sour taste in mind will be disastrous for the restaurant, hence he should try and pacify them with some complimentary dishes or a heartfelt apology. Various other such circumstances may prompt up. Being a good manager one should be able to solve the problems and drive a team.

2. Communication Skills

A restaurant manager is essentially the glue that holds the restaurant together. He acts as a bridge between the restaurant owner and the restaurant staff. If he doesn’t have strong communication skill set, he will not be able to convey  the information and thoughts of the owner to the employees and vice-versa.
The owner will not be present in the restaurant on a daily basis. If he wishes to pass on a message to his employees, either regarding the changes in the ways of the operation or applauding for some target achieved, it will often happen only through the manager. Similarly, if the employees are facing some problem and they want it to get delivered to the owner it will happen through the manager. While communicating the further course of action to the restaurant staff, the manager should ask them about their opinion and their inputs. Since it is the staff who will be on the floor working, their suggestions might have more implementational value. A restaurant manager should be empathic towards the employees as well.

In addition to this, if there are any new entries in the restaurant, the manager will have to communicate all the necessary information about the job description and what is expected out of them. Moreover, a restaurant manager should also be the bridge between the employees, and he should ensure that all of them are working cordially and paving the path for your restaurant towards success.

3. Must be a Multitasker

A restaurant manager will have a lot to handle. This includes both the front and the back-end operations. A restaurant manager is responsible to welcome the customers, to ensure that the food is delivered on time, so that the table turnover time isn’t beyond expectation, to check the stock and inventory religiously to see that the kitchen never runs out of stock, and also to ensure that no backhanded misappropriations are happening at the restaurant. Hence, a good restaurant manager should be a multitasker.

4. Patient and Calm to Handle Different Situations

When one manages a team of different individuals, one cannot behave in the same way with everyone. No matter what, a manager must always keep his patience even while dealing with difficult customers. Delivering a stellar customer service is a basic prerequisite for a successful restaurant business, hence, patience is the key to being a good restaurant manager. Some might learn fast, whereas others might take a bit longer to get tuned into to the restaurant operations. However, it does not mean that slow learners should be discarded. A restaurant manager should be patient enough to handle all types of employees.It is similar while dealing with customers. Some of them might be good while others might be crude, critical and rude.

5. Must Be a Good Leader and Able to Solve Conflicts

A good restaurant manager should be able to drive a team to success. He should be a team leader. A manager should be responsible for ensuring that all the team members are cordially working with one another, and even if one of the members are slow to catch up he should always try and boost and motivate him.
When a group of employees is working together, it is obvious that there will be conflicts. The manager should understand that unless there is peace amongst the staff and between the staff and the owner, one can hardly drive the business forward.He should treat everyone equally, partiality can be disastrous towards your restaurant.

We hope the above 5 top tips will help you to hire the perfect Manager for your restaurant. Check out our Restaurant section to read more informative blogs about Starting your Own Restaurant in India.




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