How To Make Money On Youtube For Beginners

How To Make Money On Youtube For Beginners

How To Make Money On Youtube For Beginners

Have you ever wondered how people make money on Youtube? You must have seen many Youtubers going from rags to riches by just uploading videos.

How YouTube’s PewDiePie Made $12 Million This Year 

The idea of starting a youtube channel might have come across your mind if you are into making money online. I won’t say that you will become a youtube celebrity overnight (Which people DO! sometimes), but if you start taking small steps you will definitely start earning some good money from youtube. It is one of the best ways for creative people to make money online with zero investment.

Step No. 1 – Choose a Niche or Category for Your Youtube Channel

Think about your passion and your hobbies. What type of books do you like to read? Sit down and reflect on your routine to know what kind of youtube videos you want to make. Ideally you want to choose a niche which you are passionate about, so that keep going even when the monetary incentive is low.

Youtube Niches

  • Your friends say you are funny? Make the whole world laugh on youtube
  • Always been a bathroom singer? Want to test your singing skills in front of the whole world? Nothing better than youtube
  • Gym freak? Train the whole world with your youtube channel
  • Love to travel? Blog about it on youtube

No matter what topic you choose, sooner or later you are going to get views, which in turn means money $$.

Step No. 2 – Create a Youtube Channel | Sign up for Youtube



You can simply create a youtube channel with your existing Gmail acount. If you don’t have a Google account already then sign up here. Decide a name which is catchy and attractive and also relates to your niche.

Step 3. Start Uploading Videos on Youtube

Upload VIdeos

Now start making and uploading videos. Don’t run for perfection in your initial videos. Just try to be consistent with your uploads and you will get better and better with each post. Choose trial and error method to see what works and what doesn’t. Make a schedule every week for making and uploading videos on youtube.

Step 4. Monetize Your Youtube Channel to Earn Money Online

Now this is the most rewarding step in your Youtube journey. This is why Youtubers make content. For monetizing your channel on youtube, sign up for Google Adsense. Adsense is an ad placement platform by Google which pays you when your viewers watch advertisements placed by Google.

You must have noticed the different kinds of ads when you watch a video on Youtube. There are

  • Banner ads
  • Bumper ads (6 Seconds long)
  • Pre-Roll ads, etc

Google adsense is how 90% of the users earn from youtube. But their are also many other ways by which you can make money on youtube such as – creating sponsored videos of products.

Money Image

However for the initial start you just want to focus on Google Adsense.

According to a YouTube monetization expert, 5,000 views will make you between $ 3.75 to $ 10 dollars (Rs. 250-700). The payout is based on many factors such as:

  • What is the niche for your videos 
  • How do your viewers engage with your channel – If your videos are just clickbait videos, where the user switches after 1 minute or less, then you are going to be paid less

Today there are many youtubers spamming online with copy-pasted videos and poor quality videos just to make quick money online without any efforts. To overcome this, Google has set a few conditions for new creators to fulfill before they start earning.

  • Minimum 10,000 views on your channel (total sum including all videos)
  • 4,000 hours of watch time (it does sound huge but very easy to reach if you are regular with the uploads)
  • Minimum 10 videos uploaded

These conditions keep on changing from time to time by Youtube.

Step 5. Promote Your Channel To Earn More on Youtube


After you have monetized your channel, now its time to promote your channel so that your views multiply along with your earnings. Explore other channels in your niche to find out their marketing strategies.

  • Observe what their viewers comment on the videos. Try to make videos targeting those queries
  • Try to make a weekly program such as Q&A Session Every Monday to keep your audience engaged
  • Collaborate with other youtubers in your field as it helps both the parties
  • Share your videos on Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to reach more people

The best time to start was an year ago. The second best time is today!



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