What is Fiverr | Easy Way to Make Money Online

What is Fiverr | Easy Way to Make Money Online

What is Fiverr | Easy Way to Make Money Online:

Fiverr is a well established and known portal in the digital market world. It is a digital service based website which provides freelancers the opportunity to sell their expertise services in the form of gigs, which are called as micro-jobs. Each micro-job is listed for $5 and the price increases as you go up the category. Fiverr allows buyers an affordable way to purchase micro-jobs at low prices from freelancers selling online.

Fiverr Freelancing

The site consists of a global network of buyers and sellers coming from a wide variety of backgrounds. There are services provided by executives, students, housewives, all wanting to monetize their free time and expertise. Micro-entrepreneurs in more than 200 countries use Fiverr today to make a good side income performing gigs for people online. They monetize their talents and resources in an interesting way through freelancing.

Fiverr works as an intermediary for the digital sellers and buyers of micro-jobs such as content writing. It eliminates the need for designing one’s own website and marketing it to reach a high rank in search engine just to sell your products. It would otherwise require a lot of time and resources.

What to Sell on Fiverr

Fiverr currently contains sellers of more than 750,000 services priced between $5 and $150.
Here are the kind of services which can be sold on Fiverr:-

Fiverr Categories

  • Programming & Tech Services
  • Advertising Services
  • Business Services
  • Graphic & Design services
  • Online Marketing Services
  • Writing & Translation Services
  • Video & Animation Services
  • Music & Audio Services
  • Lifestyle Services
  • Gift Services
  • Fun & Bizarre Services

There is also an ‘Other’ option as well if your gig doesn’t fit into any category mentioned above.

This marketplace is different from other marketplaces in a way that there is no bid system to sell on Fiverr. This marketplace is like a digital ecommerce service. Here you have to keep a gig on one of your skills. Different prospective clients will pay you for your skills and get their work outsourced from you.

“Gig” is the product that is meant to be marketed in this market. Suppose you are changing the background of 5 images for a client for 5 dollars – then will be called a gig. New users can give upto 7 gigs to their account.
Consider another example – Suppose you know English and French. You can offer a gig to translate a document from French to proper English for $5.

Earn with Fiverr

You might offer three packagesBasic, Standard and Premium — for your Gig, charging $5, $50 and $80, respectively. At your initial startup stage you can ask your known ones to buy services for you and rate you 5 star. This is how it generally works for every freelancing website. You can also provide services at a discount to others or give them special add-ons so that they rate you 5 star.

You will then start getting gigs on a regular basis. Here is a rough estimate of how much easy side income you can make on Fiverr:-

Get five Gig requests per week for your Basic Package, and you’ll earn $25 a week.
Get one Gig request per week, and that’s $50 a week.
Get one Premium package request per month earn $80 easily in a month.

With the above number of Gigs you will earn $380 in a month which is good enough money for a side business undertaking. There is no maximum limit to earn on Fiverr. Once you get a good rating and high number of orders, people would trust you more and give you even more orders. So that is how your revenue can increase exponentially on Fiverr. Of course, it could take a few months of work to reach that level when you can make a sizeable revenue from Fiverr, or maybe even make a living out of freelancing here!

Fiverr for Buyers

As a buyer on Fiverr, you’ll find many eager sellers willing to provide services to you that you won’t be able to find this cheap anywhere else. Even though Fiverr is advertised as a $5 marketplace, there are also many “Gig Extra’s” available. This is where many Fiverr Sellers make additional income beyond the $5 minimum. These gig extra’s depending on the “Level” (e.g. New Seller, Level 1, Level 2 and Top Rated Seller) of the seller can range from $5 to $100.


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