Top 15 Ecommerce FAQs in India

Top 15 Ecommerce FAQs in India

Top 15 Ecommerce FAQs in India :

1. How Can I sell online? 
Anyone can start selling online today. All you need is a entrepreneurial spirit and passion for e-commerce, you will definitely succeed. There are different ways you can start selling without having any prior technical knowledge.

2. What products to sell online?
This is the toughest question for any ecommerce player. Its quite difficult to identify the hot selling product(s) that can give you heavy profits. You will have to do lots of research to identify money making opportunities and products.

3. Should I sell on marketplaces such as Amazon or on my own store?
Initially you want to sell on marketplaces. Once you have enough experience and reputation in the community, you should definitely open your own digital store. Most successful ecommerce players sell both on marketplaces and their own digital stores as well.

4. Which are the best online marketplaces to sell my products?
There are many great platforms where you can list your products and start selling today in no time. Amazon and Flipkart in India are the most reputed ones. You can sell on one or multiple marketplaces at the same time. There is no limitation to it.

5. How can I sell on multiple marketplaces?
If you are selling on 1 or 2 marketplaces, you can manage on your own but if you want to sell on multiple marketplaces and are generating huge revenues monthly, it becomes difficult and you need a software program to make your task less complicated. In India there are many companies that offer services to manage your online marketplace empire.

6. Which type of Digital Store is best: Self-hosted or Fully-hosted?
If you are a non-tech person (which you might be,if you are asking this question), then fully hosted solutions are ideal for you but if you want more flexibility and customisation you can go for self hosted solutions.

7. Can I sell online without getting GST registration in India?
All online sellers need GST number for selling GST taxable items in India. You must abide by the taxation laws. Penalty is heavy if you’re caught violating any rules. Most marketplaces don’t allow you to register as sellers without GST registration certificate. That being said, there are many items which are exempt from GST such as Books. If you don’t want any complicated taxation then sell such products online.

8. What documents are required to register as a seller on marketplaces such as

Most of the marketplaces require you to submit your:

  • PAN Card
  • ID Proof
  • GST No. for selling GST taxable items
  • Brand Authorization Certificate for selling branded items (selected companies)

Some marketplaces may require one or two additional licenses or certificates. It’s usually mentioned on their registration page or you can call at their agent support phone number.

9. What is Brand Authorization?
For selling branded products, some online marketplaces require merchants to get authorization from the brand to sell their products online. This is known as brand authorization. For example if you are selling L.G Microwave, you might require Brand Authorization certificate from L.G. However, if you have a purchase invoice, you might not require brand authorization.

10. What licenses are required to sell online in India?
Generally GST No. is enough but for selling products like food items, health supplements, cosmetic items or surgical goods etc. you need specific licenses from the respective concerned departments, just like in case of opening an offline shop for such goods.

11. What does it cost to register as a seller Online?
There is no fee for registration as an online seller on Ecommerce Marketplaces. You only pay fee/commission on sale per item. You may have to pay nominal listing fee as well just like in eBay. You might also want to pay for ads or to rank your products at the top of search results.

12. How can I buy in wholesale online?
While searching and surfing for a supplier, your main goal is to find quality products at cheap rates so you can sell at a good margin and earn money. Do some market research and find a good wholesaler or a manufacturer which is top rated and also has good trade policies and terms and conditions.

13. How to import products from China?

Dropshipping Image
Alibaba is one of the most trusted and widely used portal for wholesale purchases to buy and sell online. But you need to learn the basics about using these platforms before you actually start importing. There are plenty of Google articles and Youtube videos explaining how to import via

14. How can I sell Globally Online?
If you start an online store using platforms like Shopify, you can sell worldwide by adding international shipping and payment options on your digital store. There are many marketplaces as well that allow sellers to ship internationally.

15. How do I Ship my products sold online?
Almost all the marketplaces provide shipping services to the sellers. You just have to manage the storage and packaging part. It will be picked by the courier company assigned by the marketplace. You can also avail fulfillment services from online marketplaces such as FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) in which you send your products to marketplace warehouse and all the packing and fulfillment is done by them.



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