What is Content Marketing | How it Can Expand Your Business

What is Content Marketing | How it Can Expand Your Business

What is Content Marketing | How it Can Expand Your Business:

Every business requires marketing to promote and sell their products. Content marketing, as the name implies, is the marketing of valuable content to attract an audience by providing information they can use along with your brand’s promotion.

We talk to our customers, our clients, and our readers, and what we say to them—regardless of what form it takes—is our content.

Content marketing is about creating valuable content which might attract new customers or to help retain the existing customers by keeping them engaged. Your aim is to generate blog, informatics, videos which give insights about your industry and might also attract the user towards your products.

Lets understand with an example here:-

Suppose you want to start a restaurant business.


  • You go to Google to search “how to start a restaurant”.
  • The first result is of a website of a Commercial Kitchen Manufacturer.
  • It gives you all the necessary required details of starting a new restaurant and in the end, it gives you a URL link which goes to their business website.
  • Now that you know their website, you are more than likely to buy from them in case you start your restaurant.

This is how Content Marketing works.

Benjamin Franklin provides us the oldest example into content marketing in the early industrial times. Franklin created Poor Richard’s Almanack in 1732 to promote his printing business. Readers got some valuable information, and in return, they also acknowledged who published the content.

Importance of Content Marketing

Content Marketing Benefits

Creating informative content gives your audience something to talk about. When people are talking about you and sharing your blog, they’re doing your promotion for you, passing recommendations of your products and resources to others in the process. This promotion of your brand is what all marketers crave for!

Here are various ways Content Marketing will be useful for your business:-

Improved Site Traffic

Creating great content will bring people to your website, where they’ll also see your products and services. They might be inclined to buy your product or share it with someone who might want it.

Direct Customer Conversions

Really great product descriptions that convince people you’ve got unique value to offer them—that what you have can level them up—will bring your customer numbers up like almost nothing else.

Better SEO

Your content will benefit your Search Engine Rankings (SEO) in a great number of ways. Good content attracts editorial links, which tell Google you’re important and authoritative. Google will get a far better idea about what your company does, allowing it to return your site for more relevant queries. This is a gold mine for marketing. The benefits of content marketing for your business is numerous.

Respect and Recognition in the Industry

“I was really skeptical of what I was hearing about the latest ‘productivity hacks,’ but the Harvard Business Review just published an article confirming they really work, so I might have to give them a try!”

Once you’ve proven your knowledge and your integrity, you will be recognized as an Industry Expert that people turn to when they are confused and have nowhere to go. Since you have your own business in that field, you must be having a great deal of insight. When you share your insights you generate a following and a regular visitor base. The authority you gain then transfers to your products or services, which makes the customer more likely to choose you over your competitors.

Indirect Customer Conversions

“Wow! This is a very informative post; I have never heard of this company before. Huh; they make software? Lets find out more about this software?”

When you are creating informative content (such as blogs, videos, etc) that targets potential customers, you’re bridging the gap between those people and your products, making it more likely that they will purchase your products. This stands true even if your content doesn’t mention your business.

Content Marketing for Small Businesses

Content marketing for small businesses is extremely important and cost effective promotion. It is the best way for marketing your business without incurring huge advertisement costs. With minimal initial investment, you can create blogs, infographics, videos and research papers.

You can write a blog with just your laptop and record videos on your smartphone then post it on a website and social media channels. If you generate good rankings in Google and a big following, you will never have to spend a single dime on advertisements!


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